Quintown 4th of July Reverse Parade

What is a Reverse Parade?

The Parade spectators are now moving along the parade route (Route 100) in their own vehicles. The parade displays and points of interest are now in a fixed position (as opposed to a conventional parade where the spectators are in a fixed position and the parade exhibits are moving along the parade route.)

This new method is a remedy in our Covid-19 era where we can celebrate the fourth of July yet still stay safe by avoiding large, packed crowds.

Be Safe:

follow CDC Guidelines

Pittsfield Heart

The Pittsfield Community invites community members from across the Quin-Town Region to be part of the fun! Print out this American Flag Heart and post it for everyone to see!

>> Download heart (.pdf)

Parade Events

Annual Chicken BBQ at Pierce Hall
Sat., July 4, Noon - 1:30 pm
$15 per person (Take Out Only)
Menu: BBQ Chicken, Half Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Dinner Roll, Cookie

Granville FIREWORKS!
Sat., July 4, 9:45 pm
The display will take place from the ridge above the Lower Village of Granville, and be visible from anywhere you have eyesight of the AT&T cell phone tower. The best views will be from the East or West of the display. Spectators can find a comfortable place in Granville to view the display. Fireworks will begin at 9:45 PM or shortly after and last for approximately one hour.
Dan Sargent

Concert in The Park, Rochester
Clay Canfield
Sun., July 5, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Parade "Specials"

Rochester Hardware:
We will fill your 20 lb. propane tank for $9.99.
Pat Harvey

Heart of Hancock:
We are offering a Cookout to Go Special
Meg Brown

Pierce Hall: Annual Chicken BBQ
Pierce Hall will be serving a Chicken BBQ from 12:00 to 1:30 PM on the 4th of July on the Park. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic only takeout dinners will be available. Diners will be asked to wait in a line (social distancing will be required at all times) to submit their takeout order to the cashier and then wait away from the serving area while it is packed up and then delivered to them.
Becky Donnet

Huntington House Inn and Docs Tavern
Not sure what our special will be as we come back on the Jun 30
Regina Purcell

"Parade People"

Residents are invited by the White River Valley Players to make "Parade People" for display on the Fourth of July weekend, July 3-5. The Players are making stick-figure life-sized people dressed in their finest costumes, to be placed on the Rochester Park welcoming visitors driving the Reverse Parade route.

The Players invite others to join in the fun by dressing a character that can stand on its own and greet people who are driving the basic Route 100 route.

What's needed: a basic stake in the ground, with a wooden cross-piece (shoulders) for attaching colorful clothing, plus whatever else is needed to make the character stand out. Accessories are encouraged! Parade People may be erected anywhere along Route 100 from Granville to Pittsfield (or on Rte 125, Hancock) with permission of the landowner, and should be in place for Friday through Sunday of the holiday weekend. Patriotic colors, flags, etc., are encouraged to show our valley's 4th of July spirit.

Quintown Fourth of July Parade