Selectboard Meetings
& Town Meetings

P.O. Box 238
Rochester, VT 05767
Phone: 802-767-3631

Town Clerk/Treasurer/
Tax Collector:

Julie Smith

Assistant Clerk/Treasurer
Kristen LaPell

Delinquent Tax Collector:
Rebecca Klein

Selectboard Administrative Assistant:
Joan Allen

Highway/Road Dept:
John Champion, Road Foreman
Dana Spalding
Teddy Smith



Due Dates


Dog Licenses (State Mandated)

Due Dates Cost & Requirements Details
April 1 Male & Female: $13.00;
altered: $9.00. After April 1, the fee is increased 50%: Male & Female $17.00; altered $11.00. Requirements:
Current rabies certificate good for 3 years.
There is a fine for all unlicensed dogs after April 1. No Exceptions.A leash law is in effect for the entire Town, not just the village area. Unlicensed dogs are turned over to the Animal Control Officer for impoundment! See Ordinance.

Rochester Recycling

Dates What Where
1st & 3rd Saturday of each month. (8am – 11am) Recycling, cash trash pickup Rochester Town Office parking lot

Bethel Mountain Transfer Station (Recycling, Trash)

Dates What Where
Each Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday(8 am- 3 pm) Single Stream Recycling:These items go together in one container: magazines,

news paper, junk mail, box board, tin cans, plastics

#1 & #2, Aluminum foils, cat food cans.

Separate containers: glass, cardboard, aluminum

(soda and beer cans).

Trash: $3.00 for 30 gal. bag, $1.50 for 13 gal.

bag, $115 per ton.

134 South Main StreetBethel, VT 05032



Property Taxes

Due Dates Payments Details
August 14, 2020 1/4 of taxes due Interest at rate of 1% per month for 3 months, and 1 % per month thereafter added. 8% collection fee added May 16. Postmarks not accepted!
November 16, 2020 1/4 of taxes due
February 16, 2021 1/4 of taxes due
May 17, 2021 1/4 of taxes due

Water & Sewer User Fees

Due Dates Payment Details
January 31 Quarterly Due no later than the effective date. Interest at rate of 1% per month for 3 months; and 1 % per month thereafter added.
April 30 Quarterly
July 31 Quarterly
October 31 Quarterly