Dog Licenses (State Mandated)

Due Dates Cost & Requirements Details
April 1 Male & Female: $11.00;
altered: $7.00.

After April 1, the fee is increased 50%: Male & Female $15.00; altered $9.00

Rabies shots good for 3 years.

There is a $2.00 per day fine for all unlicensed dogs after April 1. No Exceptions.

A leash law is in effect for the entire Town, not just the village area. See Ordinance.

Rochester Recycling

Dates What Where
First Saturday of each month. (8am – 12am) Recycling Rochester Town Office parking lot

Bethel Mountain Transfer Station (Recycling, Trash)

Dates What Where
Each Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

(8 am- 3 pm)

Single Stream Recycling:

These items go together in one container: magazines,

news paper, junk mail, box board, tin cans, plastics

#1 & #2, Aluminum foils, cat food cans.

Separate containers: glass, cardboard, aluminum

(soda and beer cans).

Trash: $3.00 for 30 gal. bag, $1.50 for 13 gal.

bag, $115 per ton.

134 South Main Street

Bethel, VT 05032



Property Taxes

Due Dates Payments Details
August 15 1/4 of taxes due Interest at rate of 1% per month for 3 months, and 1 % per month thereafter added. 8% collection fee added May 16. Postmarks not accepted!
November 15 1/4 of taxes due
February 15 1/4 of taxes due
May 15 1/4 of taxes due

Water & Sewer User Fees

Due Dates Payment Details
January 31 Quarterly Due no later than the effective date. Interest at rate of 1% per month for 3 months; and 1 % per month thereafter added.
April 30 Quarterly
July 31 Quarterly
October 31 Quarterly