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Tri-Town Youth Baseball is an organization based in Rochester, VT that provides youth baseball to towns throughout the Central Valley. We focus on good sportsmanship, respecting others and having fun, all while learning the skills and fundamentals of baseball and softball.

The best time to learn athletic skills is when the player is young. They take what they learn into competitive high school sports and beyond. They also gain the valuable socially interactive skillset of team participation, a trait they can utilize in all future endeavors in their lives.

We strive for effective leadership at all levels. Participation and constructive, positive reinforcement by parents and coaches both on the field and at home will help our players and organization to thrive.

Practice Model
Our purpose is to maximize our practice time-slots by continually engaging the players with short drills that develop skills. The goal is to give each player as many swings of the bat and as many throws and catches per practice as possible, avoiding monotonous batting practice sessions where kids are banished to left field to stand and “watch butterflies”.

This will be achieved by dividing the players into small groups that rotate through various “stations” that concentrate on a particular skill. Greater participation by Asst. coaches and parents is required to run each station, one reason why we need your help.


Tee Ball (ages 4-6)
We introduce the game to the child, providing an environment that is exciting and engaging. We teach them a basic skill set, to be supportive of their teammates, and above all, have fun… in hopes that they enjoy it enough to continue playing as they get older.  Coaches pitch and scores are not kept.
Season fees are $30 per player.

Rookie Team (ages 6-8)
We continue to work on skills including throwing with accuracy and strength, swinging a level bat, and to not be “afraid” of the ball while fielding. A greater responsibility to the team is introduced. Showing respect to teammates, to opposing teams, to the sport, and positively conducting ourselves on the field is stressed. Coaches pitch and scores are not kept.
Season fees are $30 per player.

Cal Ripken League (ages 9-12)
A greater level of dedication (by both player and parent) to the sport and to the team is needed. Practices are held more frequently and more games are played. Players begin to gain enough natural strength to realize their potential. We tap that potential through skill development and building confidence through positive reinforcement. We teach the players to conduct themselves gracefully in winning and losing.
Season fees are $45 per player.

Parent Vounteers
Participating with your child’s team is integral to the success of the team and in helping our program run smoothly. It could be assisting the coach, driving teammates to practice, running the cook shack, helping with fundraisers, scorekeeping, umpiring, etc. Please contact your child’s coach to find out how you can help.

We currently have these major fundraisers, but are open to other
suggestions for fundrasing. We will open the cook shack this year.
Bottle Drives: tbd
Rake In The Rark: tbd
Field Preparation Day: tbd
Field Prep Day entails weeding the infield, raking out the new sand, weedwhacking, cleaning dugouts & sheds, setting up batting cage

Tri-Town Board of Directors: We Need Your Help!
Youth Sports Director: Mickaela Richardson
Tri-town plans to expand its Board of Directors to create a stronger network of communication between parents, coaches, and players. We will require at least one parent (not including coaches & their spouses) from each team (or age level) to act as “Team Manager” for the season. No baseball knowledge is required. They would represent that team on the board and to the league. They could assist in fundraisers, cook shack, field/equipment maintenance, general promotion of the program, etc. Board meetings are held only once a year but there may be email discussions. It will not be all that time-consuming. We do what we can and find it rewarding. If you think you may interested in this, please contact us.

 (Cut-off date for age is May 1.)

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