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Are you ready for the next major power outage or other community emergency?

There were two such events in 2018 in this area. Each resident should prepare their home as best they can for the next major outage or flood. Information about how to do that is available at the ready.gov website.


However, If you are unable to remain safely at home during such an event, you can come to the Rochester Emergency Shelter. The Rochester Elementary School is set up to serve as our local shelter for people to stay overnight.

When activated by order of the Rochester Select Board, the Shelter Team, a group of trained local volunteers, opens and staffs the shelter. It provides a warm, dry place to stay, sleeping accommodations, bathrooms and meals. While there are cots and mats for sleeping in the gym, you would need to bring bedding, clothing, personal hygiene items, medications, baby supplies, children activity items and any special diet needs.

Should you need to use the shelter, please notify the Town Office (767-3631) , or Shelter Team Coordinators:

Jan McCann 767-3667
Lesley Straus 767-9234

Information about cold weather and older adults:

>> Cold Weather Safety