Welcome to the Rochester Fire Department web page. We are a completely volunteer department, and are always looking for more volunteers.

Rochester Fire Department: 802-767-1136

Rochester Vermont Volunteer Fire Department

Rochester Vermont Volunteer Fire Department, built in 2013, photo by Jerry LeBlond

Roster of RFVD Volunteers:

Terry Severy – Chief
Ray Harvey1st Asst. Chief
Mike Harvey
Eric Bowen
Kevin Dougherty2nd Asst. Chief
Charlie Martin
Jim Bowen
Troy LaPellCaptain
Kristen LaPell Treasurer
James Parrish
Eric BelangerLieutenant
David Hamlin
Marc Blaine
John Fitzpatrick
Zak Whalen
Chad Richardson
Katelyn BowenSecretary
Justin Welter
Rob Gearwar
Kegan Stone-Junior Member
Kenleigh Manseau
Ben Harvey
Dan Slavin
Brady Huntley
Joe O’Leary

Fire Chief (elected by Fire Dept): Terry Severy
First Assistant & Fire Warden (elected by Fire Dept): Raymond Harvey
Second Assistant (elected by Fire Dept): Kevin Dougherty

Burning Permits: 767-3241
Please call Forest Fire Warden, Ray Harvey before burning. Only logs and brush may be burned, no construction materials, chemicals or solvents.