Town of Rochester Elected Officials

Position Name
Moderator Dan McKinley
Town Clerk Julie Smith
Town Treasurer Julie Smith
Selectboard: Doon Hinderyckx, Chair
Frank Severy
Pat Harvey
Listers: Louis Donnet, Chair
  Jessica Arsenault
  Caroline Meagher
Collector of Delinquent Taxes Rebecca Klein
Library Trustees: Barbara Shenton
  Doreen Jones
  Sandra Lincoln
  Tony Goupee
  Lauren Scogin
Trustees of Public Funds: Barbara DeHart
  Ann Pierce
  Michael Harvey
Cemetery Commissioners: Thomas Paquette
  Michele Schnabel
  Joe Schenkman
  Marvin C. Harvey
  Nancy Woolley
Justices of the Peace Becky Klein
  Mike Harvey
  Annette West
  Kevin Dougherty
  Brenda B Goupee
Windsor-Rutland 2 Rep. Kirk White
Windsor-Addison County Senators Christopher Bray
  Ruth Hardy

Town of Rochester Appointed Officials

Position Name
Asst. Town Clerk Kristen LaPell
Selectboard Administrative Asst. vacant
Asst. Town Treasurer Kristen LaPell
Selectboard Clerk Julie Smith
First Constable Dillon Dudley
Second Constable Dave Harvey
Planning Board & Board of Adjustment David Curtis
  Dan McKinley
  Christine Meagher
  Greg White
  Sandy Haas
  Julie Martin
  Doon Hinderyckx (ex officio)
Auditors Pace & Hawley, LLC
Town Service Officer Paula Dougherty
Zoning Administrator & Building Inspector Doon Hinderyckx
Fire Chief (elected by Fire Dept.) Terry Severy
First (elected by Fire Dept.) Raymond Harvey
Second (elected by Fire Dept.) Kevin Dougherty
Water Commissioners Selectboard
Sewer Commissioners Selectboard
Onsite Wastewater Doon Hinderyckx
Road Commissioner Frank Severy
Road Department: John Champion (Foreman)
  Dana Spalding
Ted Smith
Sewer Plant Operator Terry Severy
Assistant Cody Bowen
Water Plant Operator Terry Severy
Assistant Cody Bowen
 Emergency Mgmt Director Larry Plesent
 Emergency Mgmt Coordinator Mickaela Richardson
Tree Warden Selectboard
Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Representative Doon Hinderyckx
Reg. Comm. Rep. (Transportation & Planning)  Patricia Harvey
Health Officer John White
Park Committee: Martha Slater
Recreation Committee: Walter Pruiksma, Tennis
  Carrie McDonnell
  Martha Slater
  Joe Schenkman
  Dean Mendell
  Caitlin Vasseur
  Norm Christiansen
  Mickaela Richardson
Animal Control Officers/ Pound keeper Jeff Brown
Humane Officer vacant
WRVA Representative Vic Ribaudo
WRVA Alternate James Bowen
Recycling Coordinator Julie Smith
Green Up Coordinator Nic Piccicuto
Stagecoach Representative Tim Crowley
Energy Coordinator Jeffrey Gephart
Forest Fire Warden Ray Harvey
Town Attorney  
Housekeeper  Rachel Magrath

Librarian Assistant

Children’s Librarian

Maya Newroot

Jeannette Bair
Mark Alexander
Maya Newroot

Kirkpatrick Scholarship Robert Meagher
Bethel/Royalton Solid Waste Advisory
Troy LaPell
E-911 Coordinator Angus McCusker
Budget & Finance Comm. Lois Bond
  Nancy Woolley
  Barb DeHart
  Greg White
  Robert Meagher


Official Newspaper
The Herald of Randolph
Orca Media
LEPC #12 Representative