Selectboard Meetings
& Town Meetings

P.O. Box 238
Rochester, VT 05767
Phone: 802-767-3631
Email: rochestertown@comcast.net

Town Clerk/Treasurer/
Tax Collector:

Julie Smith

Assistant Clerk/Treasurer
Delinquent Tax Collector:

Rebecca Klein

Selectboard Administrative Assistant:
Joan Allen

Highway/Road Dept:
John Champion, Road Foreman
Dana Spalding
Teddy Smith



TAX BILLS 2020/2021

Update for Property Owners in Rochester. Due to COVID-19 related impacts and the RSUD School budget voted down, tax bills will be printed and mailed in September with the first installment due in October. The selectboard made the decision to change the four installments this fiscal year to three installments. The February and May installment due dates will stay the same. If you would like to pre-pay you can make an early payment based on last years taxes.