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RSUD Community Letter

April 10, 2020

Dear Rochester and Stockbridge Communities,

We hope this finds you and your family happy and well.  It has been a busy three weeks since the Rochester/Stockbridge Unified Schools (RSUD) closed!  In that time we have established connections with each of our students and her/his family; begun delivering instruction, both online and through traditional paper activities; and designed and implemented a food program that is feeding 100 students breakfast and lunch five days a week. 

Most of our students have online access at their homes, and we are providing learning opportunities through the use of online tools and resources.  For those students who did not have computers at home, we distributed school computers.  For those students whose family chose not to have online access in their home, we are providing traditional paper assignments/activities.  Teachers are connecting with these students through telephone.  For all students and families, teachers have set up regular call-in office hours.  These office hours offer yet another way through which students/families can connect with teachers. 

As we settle into a very different teaching/learning environment, we are looking forward to the next several weeks of school.   April 20th-April 24th will remain as a week of school vacation.  Meals will be served during this week, but new assignments will not be sent out.  School will resume on April 27, 2020.  Immediately following the vacation week, teachers will engage students in learning activities that will introduce new skills and content.  Teachers ware now engaged in developing these new units of study. 

Our school playing fields and playgrounds are closed per the governor’s order.  This includes the Rochester Skatespace and the field at Stockbridge Central School.

A number of community groups have reached out to support our students and families during these challenging times.  We thank those groups-the work they are doing is making a huge difference in the lives of families.  Our students are fortunate indeed to live in such caring communities!

We will send out another community update on May 1, 2020.

Stay Well!

Lindy Stetson and Bonnie Bourne, Co-Principals RSUD Schools