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P.O. Box 238
Rochester, VT 05767
Phone: 802-767-3631
Email: rochestertown@comcast.net

Town Clerk/Treasurer/
Tax Collector:

Julie Smith

Assistant Clerk/Treasurer
Delinquent Tax Collector:

Rebecca Klein

Selectboard Administrative Assistant:
Joan Allen

Highway/Road Dept:
John Champion, Road Foreman
Dana Spalding



Public Hearing Notice

The Selectboard of the Town of Rochester will hold a hearing on the proposed adoption of the new Rochester Town Plan on Monday April 27, 2020 at 6:00 PM at the Rochester Town Office. The Selectboard will accept comments at this Public Hearing. The purpose of the Rochester Town Plan is to provide services and facilities that meet the education, public safety, and health of residents; to guide industrial and commercial development in an appropriate scale of the Town; to preserve open space and rural character; to protect agricultural and forestry land uses; to provide orderly development in village areas; and to conserve natural areas. The proposal covers all lands within the Town of Rochester. Full copies of the draft Town Plan are available from the Rochester Town Clerk or on the town website at


This meeting will be held remotely, in accordance with the Open Meeting Law during the COVID-19 Emergency. Please contact Julie Smith, Rochester Town Clerk, at 767-3631 for instructions for joining the meeting electronically or by telephone.

Dated April 6, 2020
Rochester Selectboard
Public Hearing Notice