Selectboard Meetings
& Town Meetings

P.O. Box 238
Rochester, VT 05767
Phone: 802-767-3631
Email: rochestertown@comcast.net

Town Clerk/Treasurer/
Tax Collector:

Julie Smith

Assistant Clerk/Treasurer
Delinquent Tax Collector:

Rebecca Klein

Selectboard Administrative Assistant:
Joan Allen

Highway/Road Dept:
John Champion, Road Foreman
Dana Spalding
Teddy Smith



Please Donate Your Halloween Candy!

The town select boards of Rochester, Hancock, and Granville have each decided not to have official door-to-door Trick-or-Treating in their towns. Using COVID precautions, each town will have Halloween events to give away sealed candy bags in a safe way.

We need your help.
Please get your candy donations in by Wednesday, Oct.28, 4 pm

Please donate your candy that you would have given out in ordinary trick-or-treating. Our towns will safely re-bag your candy with the other candy donations and redistribute a larger sealed bag to each child at each Oct. 31 town event.

Here are the Candy drop-off locations for each town:

Rochester: Town Hall or the Hardware Store at Rochester
Hancock: Contact Linda Anderson at hancockreccommittee@gmail.com
Granville: Contact Melissa Kosmaczewski at melissa.kosmaczewski@gmail.com or drop off at the farmstand at 250 Genes Rd, Granville, VT